Adopt a Friend

1. When you visit our website, see all bulldogs available. Find the bulldog you are interested, then use the contact page and submit a request with the information needed.
2. Once we receive your inquiry, will contact you within 24 hours. Along with more details and information with pictures alongside an Adoption Agreement for purchase.
3. Once both parties concludes and funds are received , process all required paperwork, have our license veterinarian perform last minute routine checkup on your bulldog and book the flight for a Monday, Wednesday or Friday (You may indicate which day suites you best).
4. Once the flight is booked if necessary(if you are unable to pick up the bulldog yourself ) , we will provide you the flight number, date and time of departure and arrival as well as all info you will require to pick up the bulldog upon arrival.
5. Within 24 hours of takeoff, our staff will place a follow-up call to confirm that your pet arrived safely and that you have taken possession of your pet.
6. As a matter of routine, don’t forget to take your bulldog to your veterinarian for the regular arrival-health-check-up within 48 hours of arrival. Thanks and we look forward to developing a cordial relation with you and your new bulldog. Every bulldog that leaves here is and will always be a part of our extended family.